Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

We get questions from our clients weekly, asking what the best window treatment is for a sliding glass door. Finding window treatments for patio doors can be challenging based on the fact that the door needs to remain functional and operational. Don’t despair, we’ve got some great ideas. First the basics. If you have a sliding door the challenge is that shades and blinds really can’t be attached to the door, since it needs to be able to slide open. You also need to take into consideration that a sliding glass door is a high-traffic area and will need a treatment that can withstand some wear and tear.

A great choice for a window treatment that is easy to clean, easy to operate, and can actually add value to your home, is a wood or composite Plantation Shutter. Shutters slide on a horizontal track and stack neatly behind one another. You can also opt for a bifold option that will stack neatly to one or both sides of the window so that none of the view is obscured. Available in different louver sizes, this treatment offers varying degrees of light control/privacy. The bigger the louver, the more unobstructed the view.

Plantation Shutter Slider
Plantation Shutter Sliding Glass Door

Stylish Custom Window Panels are another fabulous choice to cover a slider or patio door. What’s great about drapery panels is that they instantly add warmth, color, and interest to your room. In the picture above we created an extra wide panel with a one way draw to allow the curtain to be stacked neatly to one side and allow foot traffic to the balcony. Custom means you decide exactly what type of treatment you want and a workroom will make it according to your specifications.

Bring the natural beauty from outdoors-in with Woven Wood Shades. Made from bamboo, reed, grasses, and jute, woven woods will instantly add texture and beauty to your space. Woven woods are lovely and can easily create a cohesive space, as you can match the sliding door shade to window shades throughout the room, A few things to consider however, woven wood shades are heavy and can be a little more labor intensive to operate than a shutter or a traversing drapery panel. Also, these treatments must be mounted high enough above the slider that when raised, will allow people to walk through the doorway without hitting their head. If you don’t have much space between the top trim and the ceiling, this may not be an option for you.

Woven Shade