Window Treatment Ideas for Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful, and highly desired design feature for any living space. A large bay windows allows natural light to flow into a room, giving a feeling of spaciousness. While they are a beautiful architectural feature, they are difficult to dress because of their size and shape.  When deciding on a window treatment for your bay windows, you have to ask yourself what your light control and privacy needs are.  Once those questions are addressed, there are a number of lovely and unique options available for dressing your bay window.  

4 Window Treatment Options for Bay Windows

Plantation Shutters on Bay Window

Plantation Shutters are easy to clean, easy to operate, and can actually increase your home value. Today's plantation shutters come in many different styles and louver sizes. Louver size options are typically 2 1/2 inches, 3 1/2 inches or 4 1/2 inches. The larger the louver, the more unobstructed the view and more light that is allowed to stream in. Available in wood, composite or vinyl (for high moisture areas), plantation shutters come in a variety of colors or stains. Often times, clients will match the color of the shutter to the trim on their window. A Plantation Shutter on a bay window consists of three or more separate framed assemblies that butt together at their front corner. This is a beautiful and traditional treatment that can be used in virtually any room in your home.



Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters on Bay Window

Cornice Board with Drapery Panels For Bay Window

A cornice board is a top treatment constructed from a rigid structure (most often made of plywood) that is mounted above the window frame. This treatment is padded and covered with fabric and can be used as a standalone focal point on a bay window, or used with coordinating window panels for a more cohesive look. Depending on the fabric used, cornice boards can be used in modern or traditional décor and can be used in any room with a bay window. 

Cornice Board in Bay Window with matching panels

Roller Shades for Bay Window

Bay windows are often designed by the builder or architect into the dining room or formal sitting room of a home. One challenge that presents itself is how to allow light to enter the room, yet maintain privacy with neighbors close by. In this case, a top down/bottom up roller shade is the best solution. Roller Shades are available in light filtering fabrics which allow light to softly filter into the room, or in total blackout fabric for complete darkness. The top down option allows you to lower the shade from the top in order to let light enter, yet still offer privacy. This is also a great option if you need to block out the intense, midday sun.



Photo Top Down Bottom Up Roller Shade

Box Pleat Panels for Bay Window

Dress up bay windows by adding the tailored styling of custom box pleat drapery panels.  While this clean, classic treatment appears to be sewn using two layers of fabric, the box pleated panel is actually one piece of material double pleated back to back, for the appearance of a series of collapsed boxes. This elegant and stylish treatment features a smooth, flat heading at the top and can be adorned with cording, banding, or fabric covered buttons for added interest.  A box pleat drapery panel is a stationary panel that may be paired with blinds or shades for privacy and light control needs. 


Photo Box Pleat Drapery Panels in Bay Window