How Much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

What do Plantation Shutters cost? Are shutters really that expensive? Your neighbors just got them and so did your best friend. You have heard that indoor shutters cost a ton of money but do they really? Here's how to do some quick math to see if plantation shutters are within your budget. Take a tape measure and measure both the height and width of your window from outside the trim to the outside of the trim on the other side. Let’s say you measure 30"W by 60"H. Multiply the height by width and divide by 144 to get the total square footage (30 x 60 /144= 12.5 sq ft). Plantation shutters are priced per square foot and can range anywhere from $30.00 a square foot to upwards of $45.00 sq ft (depending on the manufacturer). So there you have it! Don’t let the cost of plantation shutters deter you from calling a window treatment company for an interior shutter consultation. They are really more affordable than you think!


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