Window Coverings: Trims, Tassels and Banding, Oh My!

Nothing says custom window treatments more than the beautiful details of trims, tassels and banding. These trimmings turn everyday drapery panels, shades and pillows into a new level of customized design. Today’s trimmings aren’t like your grandmother’s old-fashioned fringe. The new era of trims, tassels and banding is exciting, modern and glamorous. Customizing your window treatments with detailed trimmings makes your design uniquely your own.



With endless color and style options available, trims are the perfect way to add that extra special detail to your window treatments.

When you add trim to a drapery panel, you have the choice to decide where it should be placed. Some client’s like to put it right at the leading edge of the fabric (see drape below on right). Others prefer it inset a few inches (see drape below on left).

Draperies with 
Greek Key Trim (Inset)
Draperies with Trim
(Leading Edge)


Today’s tassels are made from glimmering glass, dangling strands of crystals, whimsical pompoms, rustic wood beads, or traditional fringe. Tassels help set the mood of your space—from modern, formal, urban, fanciful—they add the perfect finishing touch to your design project.


Adding fabric banding is an easy way to enhance your custom window treatments. While the styles of decorative banding have certainly changed over the years, these upgrades are still as popular as ever. Banding with coordinating or contrasting fabrics is an easy way to add character to your custom window treatments. Use drapery trim to create an element of visual interest, add a pop of color, or add texture and dimension to your draperies for a look unique.

Banding on leading 
edge and hem 

Roman shades with 
contrast banding 

Wide banding in 
contrasting fabric

When designing your window treatments, it’s all about the details. But, with so many window trimmings from which to choose, what will look best?

That’s where our expertise comes in. Allow us at McFeely Window Fashions to guide you through the process to create custom window treatments with detailed trimmings and help make your project beautiful and uniquely yours.