Motorized Roller Shades

Let’s face it.  Cords are a hassle. AND ugly.  Why not motorize your shades?shades_by_matiss_translucent_roller_shades2-copy

For large shades, hard to reach windows or just sheer convenience, we offer a complete line of motorized solutions to fit your specific application.

Having motorized roller shades doesn’t even have to involve an electrician! No more noise, no more size limitations and no more wasted batteries!  Now it is possible to purchase completely wireless & quiet roller shades up to 144″x144.” The motors feature hidden internal lithium batteries that are recharged via solar panels or the occasional need for a plug-in charger. For a typical 96″x96″ roller shade that is raised and lowered once a day the batteries can last up to 8 months without needing a recharge by either a solar panel or a plug-in charger. The panel constantly charges the batteries in the headrail of the blind.

Click here for a video of a recent installation to see this cutting-edge technology for yourself!